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Crafts & Activities - Tykemart

Crafts & Activities - Tykemart (7)

TykeMart bloggers are always looking for fun crafts and activities to do with their kids.  They share easy DIY projects and activities that are fun for the whole family.  Learn how to make a jar terrarium or cool bouncing bubbles.  Ideas and tips to keep your child active and entertained for little or no cost.

Members  share their tips and ideas too!

Now that school’s out for the summer parents and caregivers are wringing their hands thinking of ways to keep the kids entertained.  Summer vacations and summer camps may keep the kids busy for a few weeks, but sooner or later that too must end.  The kids are back and there’s still more weeks before school begins in the fall.  
Don’t let the summer doldrums set in.  Summer fun isn’t just for kids.  Here are 15 silly activities that kids and adults can enjoy.  So release your inner child, kick off your shoes, let your hair down, and have some silly fun with the kids!

1. Blow amazing
bouncing bubbles.

This project from diyncrafts.com
amaze kids and the young at heart.


2. Romp around an air fort.

Get silly and build an air fort all you need
is a sheet and box fan. Instructions
on how to build your fort can
be found at earlylearning.momtrusted.com


3. Act silly with shaving cream,
shower caps, and cheesepuffs.

Put on shaving cream covered
shower caps and toss Cheetos
at each other with this
fun idea from parents.com.


4. Go fly a kite, make one first.

Get instructions from artsycraftsymom.com
then go out and fly your kite. 

5. Get silly with these wind catchers
made from party streamers.

Get DYI instructions for these
colorful wind catchers from 
Then run around the
neighborhood and start a parade!

6. Make this cool layered drink.

This activity is not only yummy,
it also teaches a lesson in
density.  Learn how to put
one together at pinterest.com

7. Roll around on a giant blob.

Get the directions from
Fun activity for
the neighborhood kids. 

8. Draw temporary tattoos with watercolor crayons.

Get creative with watercolor
crayon tattoos. Instructions
from diycenter.net. 

9. Send someone fun and crazy.

Here are a few things you can mail
that are under 13 ounces: a pair
of flip flops, some sprinkles,
a ball. Check out this Pinterest
board for more ideas.

10. Weave bits of yarn in your hair.

Make your own fashion statement.
Learn how at abeautifulmess.typepad.com

11. Build a sculpture with toothpicks and marshmallows.

Kids can get creative with marshmallows
and toothpicks learn
how from motherhoodonadime.com.

12. Make stamp art on the sand with flip flops.

Stomp around the beach with
these cool flip flops.
You can buy foam stamps
or cut shapes out of
foam and glue them to
the bottom of a pair
of flip flops.  Learn
how at jdaniel4smom.com

13. Throwback Thursday, wear a flower crown.

Learn how to make a
flower crown on pinterest.com

14. Go beachcombing and make a wind chime with objects you find.

Spend the day beachcombing 
then make found items into
a fun wind chime, great souvenir
from that summer vacation.
Learn how on Glazed-over.blogspot.com

15. Let the kids decorate for Independence Day with stars made of sifted flour.

Learn how to cover the
lawn with sifted stars
at pinkandgreenmama.blogspot.com.

The 4th. Of July brings parades, picnics, barbecues, baseball, and fireworks, it also means the kids have been out of school for over a month; often times the boredom has set in and parents are tired of hearing the familiar lament, “I’m bored!  There’s nothing to do!”

For some Independence Day marks the beginning of that long anticipated family vacation, for others it marks the beginning of the back to school count down.  Those parents are scratching their heads wondering how best to keep the kids amused until school starts, which thankfully in many areas starts sometime in August. 

Before you lose your mind looking for budget friendly activities for the kids here are a dozen more ideas.  Read on to save your sanity; many of these ideas are done with things you may already have in the house, others may require the purchase of some materials that shouldn’t cost more than $10.



1. Leftover bubble wrap can be a fun way for kids, and adults to make original paintings.


Unleash the inner artist in a fun way with this great idea from messforless.com.  Great way to reuse that bubble wrap you have stashed away in the closet. 


2. DIY a target tarp.

All you need are Tarp, rope, scissors, marker, tape and you’re ready to play ball.  Instructions at gurutotheoutdoors.com


3. Super fun balloon rockets are fun and educational.


Kids have a blast while learning the basics of action and reaction with this project from discoverexplorelearn.com.


4. Bowling with marbles and pencil erasers.



Easy and inexpensive to make this addictive game from frugalfun4boys.com will keep kids busy for hours.

5. Teach kids about colors, shapes, counting, and more play “Escape the Volcano”.

Print out  templates from toddlerapproved.com and start playing.



6. The Popcorn Olympics, all you need is popcorn.



Find a list of popcorn games, like “straw blow” and “distance throw,” at  oneshetwoshe.com to keep kids of all ages entertained.

7. Play Balloon Ping Pong all you need are Paper plates, popsicle sticks, and a balloon


Get DIY instructions for this fun game at keepingitsimplecrafts.com.  You might want to move breakables!


8. Painter’s tape and newspaper are all that’s needed for this “Sticky Spiderweb” game.


This Halloween activity from handsonaswegrow.com works for summer time too. 


9. Make a Rainbow Bubble Snake from stuff you have around your home.


Housingaforest.com will show you how to make this cool bubble maker.


10. Make a cool giant bubble wand.


Fun for the whole family, find out how to make giant bubbles with this DIY bubble wand at funcraftskids.com.

11. Play Doh filled balloons make an interesting new sensory experience.


Find out how to make these fun and interesting toys at playcreateexplore.org.


12. Pool noodles make a fun marble track.


There’s a tutorial about making your own marble track on myhomespunthreads.blogspot.com.

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