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Crafts & Activities - Tykemart

Crafts & Activities - Tykemart (7)

TykeMart bloggers are always looking for fun crafts and activities to do with their kids.  They share easy DIY projects and activities that are fun for the whole family.  Learn how to make a jar terrarium or cool bouncing bubbles.  Ideas and tips to keep your child active and entertained for little or no cost.

Members  share their tips and ideas too!

School’s out, summer is officially here.  We’re heading to Europe with the kids and grandkids in a couple of weeks, but when we get home there will still be another month before school begins again.

It’s going to be a long month!  The kids will be restless and complaining that they’re bored.  I find the last weeks the most challenging time of summer, when kids are not quite ready to go back to school, yet the initial excitement of summertime has waned.

Here are a 7 ideas to keep kids busy and entertained until it’s back to school time.

Haul out the old Slip n’ Slide, or buy a new one.  Or just use your lawn sprinkler.  Invite the neighbors over for a splashing good time. Grab a ball and head to the basketball court for a pickup game with the neighborhood kids.

Spend the day at the beach, if it’s not too far from home.  Kids can look for snails, fish, and other little sea creatures in the tide pools, sand board down the sand dunes, or build sandcastles.  Don’t forget the beach toys!  

Go fishing at a nearby lake or stream


Spend a weekday at a fun park.  Buy a day pass to ride and play all day.  Encourage your budding artist, set out paints, markers, and paper.  The next Picasso might be living right under your






Gardening is a great summer long activity for kids.  Give them a patch of dirt in the backyard, buy some seed packets or seedlings from the local garden shop and let them plant away.  Gardening is a good excuse for kids to play in the dirt, it’s also educational. 

I love the wonder in my grandsons’ eyes when they see the first the seeds sprout,  and excitement as they watch the plants grow.  If you plant fruits and vegetables the kids get to harvest them too, they really enjoy that. 

Here are some ideas for your kids’ gardens. 

Kids love having their own garden tools.  You can pick them up at any discount store.  This colorful set can be ordered from Amazon.com. 

Plant fast-growing plants like radishes they take only 30-60 days to mature. Confectionary sunflowers, sprout in just 7 days and can grow 2 feet high in a month.  They produce delicious snack food that kids can eat. Loose-leaf lettuce can be harvested and eaten when it's only a few inches tall.  For more ideas check Amy Enfield’s article Gardening with Children.


Photo from miraclegro.com



For instructions and more ideas to help your family start a garden check out this website Kidsgardening.org

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