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Halloween - Tykemart

Halloween - Tykemart (1)

DIY Toddler Chick Costume

Halloween is fast approaching and my youngest daughter is again looking for the "winner" costume.  She has been trying to win a costume contest for years.  When she was single she dressed our poor Doberman Portia in all sorts of doggy costumes from Wonder Woman to a Roman Chariot paired with my grandson, her nephew, in a Roman Gladiator outfit.  Last year, married with a newborn baby, she dressed my 1 month old grandson in 2 different costumes, a lion bunting and a skeleton.  Alas all her creative efforts have not garnered any costume prizes.


Last week, in her annual pursuit of that much coveted prize she sent me images of creative costumes for her 1 year old asking which of them I wanted to make for him.  After much discussion we decided on a chick costume which would be paired with a magnet attached to his stroller thus making him a "chick magnate".  She had found a feathered chick costume online for $89+, way too much in our opinion.  We agreed to try making it ourselves.  My contribution would be the chick costume, she and her husband would deck out the stroller.


We ruled out feathered costumes basically due to my grandson's allergies, not to mention the mess my cat would make while I was working on the costume.  We also ruled out anything that involved a sewing machine, I'd gotten rid of mine years ago and have no desire to purchase a new one.  In the end we decided I would try making it out of felt. 


I used materials I purchased at Walmart and ended up with this really cute costume.  It took me about 6 hours to make, I think I could have cut the time considerably had I been able to find a hoodie and eliminated the need to crochet the chick hat, but we think the crocheted hat makes the costume much cuter and he can wear the hat even after Halloween.  In the end the whole costume cost less than $20.


Cost Breakdown:

Sweat shirt:                           $ 3.88

Sweat pants:                            3.88

1 yard yellow felt:                   4.98

1 orange felt square:                 .26

1 dk. orange felt square:           .26

1 lt. blue felt square:                 .26

1 dk. blue felt square:               .26

1 white felt square:                   .26

Glue Sticks:                            4.98


Total:                                  $19.02 + tax

Learn how to make this cute costume at http://savvynana123.blogspot.com/2014/10/diy-toddler-chick-costume.html

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