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Savvy Nana’s Super Easy Shrimp Kebobs

Every Sunday is barbecue night at our house.  Friends and family who are in town drop by for some good food and company.  Barbeques are a fun and easy way to entertain.  It can be as casual at throwing hot dogs on the grill or a more elaborate menu requiring more prep time.  Over the years I’ve found time saving tips and recipes to make prep time and clean up quick and easy.  Here’s my one of my favorites, it’s not just easy, it’s delicious too.  It gets lots of compliments whenever I serve it.





Jumbo Shrimps

Italian dressing


Cherry tomatoes


Metal or bamboo skewers




Clean, peel and de-vein shrimp, leaving tails on 

 Place shrimp in plastic Ziplock bag


Pour Italian dressing into bag, enough to cover shrimp.


Place bag in refrigerator and marinate for at least 2 hours, turn bag once or twice to make sure all shrimp get marinated.



Wash veggies, cube or cut onions and zucchini into bite size chunks\


Alternately place shrimp and veggies onto metal or bamboo skewers.



Grill until shrimp turn pink and veggies are tender. 



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