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Travel With Kids: 12 Accessories to make life easier

When you have kids traveling with them is almost always a necessity.  Whether it’s a quick run to the grocery store, a road trip to the Grand Canyon, or a flight to Aruba, taking kids along means taking their gear too.

Here are 12 accessories we found that every parent needs.  They will make life on the road just a bit easier.


1. This stroller organizer fits onto a stroller’s handlebars.


This Skip Hop Stroller Organizer keeps everything you need at your fingertips.  Available at amazon.com.


2. A “SlumberSling” prevents baby’s head from drooping.


Sold at ashandalysbabes.comthis product keeps sleepy heads from drooping.  I helps prevent sore necks when baby wakes up.


3. Booster Seat Headrest keeps older kids comfy on road trips.


Going on a road trip?  This headrest from zulily.comwill keep older kids comfy.


4. Stroller hook is a great help anywhere. 


Simple and inexpensive this stroller hook will make life so much easier.  Available at oxo.com.



5. Save car seats with this Piddlepad.


This Piddlepad available at amazon.com will save car seats from accidents when you’re on the road.



6. The “My Buddy” tag bracelet alerts you when your child leaves your sight.


Every parent’s worst nightmare, losing track of their kids.  This handy bracelet helps ease some of that fear.  Find them at http://www.mybuddytag.com/


7. Put a BiKN tag in your child’s pocket for a high tech solution


These tags from bikn.com  help you keep track of children in big crowds.  You can also use the tags keeps track things you frequently lose, house keys or your car in a giant parking lot.


8. Carseat iPad holder protects iPads from sticky dirty hands.


Find this great organizer at zulily.com.It not only protects the iPad, it keeps it in place so you don’t spend all day searching for it.  


9. Keep kids busy and organized with this On-The- Go-Play tray.


Keep all your child’s necessities at her fingertips with this tray from ltdcommodities.com.


10. The Stroll-n-Cool keeps your child comfy on hot summer days.



You can get this cooling pad at strollncool.com


11. This chair luggage attachment will make navigating airports much easier and less stressful.


Get this at rideoncarryon.org  

You might get some add looks at the airport, but who care’s at least your arms aren’t sore and your sanity is safe. Keeps kids always within your sight.


12. These Sip Snaps turn any cup into a sippy cup.


Turn any cup into a sippy cup, the rubber fits over any size cup.  Order them from weespring.com

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