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How to join?

  • Register to become a "TykeMart Vendor".
  • Create a "Username" you will use this every time you log-in. Make sure your username is easy to remember. Just follow the registered form.
  • Create your "Store Name" where you can sell your items. You’ll see how easy and fun it really is!

What can I sell on TykeMart?

TykeMart is a marketplace for children’s and maternity new and gently worn fashion, accessories, and small items. (Items must fit into USPS Flat Rate Envelopes, USPS Flat Rate Medium Boxes, or Regional Rate Box A or B. See shipping guidelines for package dimensions and weight limits)


  • Kids and Baby Clothes
  • Girls Hair Accessories
  • Baby Stuff ( Crib, Bassinet, Cradle Bedding, Blankets, towels Etc)
  • Baby and Kids Toys
  • Infants and Toddler Accessories ( nursing pillows breast pumps, milk bottles and pacifiers, etc) Should be NEW and SEALED.
  • Maternity Clothes
  • Children's Books, Video games, CD's, DVDs
  • Factory Sealed and unexpired baby formula & food, lactation cookies

Pre-owned items can be listed on TykeMart as long as they are clean and in good condition. 

Please refrain from listing items that do not fall into these categories or are on our list of items that are not allowed. See marketplace rules for more details. See marketplace rules for more details.

For the health and safety of our members and their families we do not allow the buying or selling of perfume, nail polish, aerosol products, electronics, furniture, large baby gear (cribs, playpens, strollers, any item that will not fit into the described boxes), home goods, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, used makeup, used swimsuits, all types of used undergarments, unsealed feeding and nursing accessories, expired and/or opened containers of baby Formula & baby food, expired and/or unsealed food products, firearms, tobacco products, alcohol, controlled substances, any health and wellness products that are not FDA approved, any items that have been recalled by the government and/or manufacturer.

All items must be clearly and accurately represented in photos and written descriptions.

TykeMart does not allow the sale of replicas, fakes or inspired. Please join us in respecting the intellectual property of today’s brands and designers and refrain from posting these items.

Please see Marketplace Rules for further clarification.

If we feel that your listing violates these guidelines in any way, we reserve the right to remove it and may take other actions, including restricting your future buying and selling privileges on TykeMart.

How Do I Sell?

You’ve created your profile now let’s turn your closets into CASH!

  • Decide on what you want to sell – take nice clear photos of your items showing different angles and sides.
  • Click “My Profile” – go to “Catalog” –Click “New Product”
  • Upload item to your closet – Click “Photos” – click +Add file – choose the images on your device you want to upload.
  • Fill in required fields
  • Accurately describe the item in the listing page
  • Name your price – it’s up to you what you want to sell it for – you can group several items together, just be mindful of the shipping guidelines. Items must be listed for a minimum of $5.
  • Post your listing
  • Once you’ve posted your listing you can place the item in more than one category and relate them to each other – Go to “Catalog”-click"listing" – you will see a list of all your posted items. On the right side of each item you will Categories (1) & Related (0)
  1. Click on the 1 next to categories – a screen with pop up with all the categories – choose the categories you want to place the item in by clicking on the red “X” in line with the category – you can add your item to as many categories you want – it will update with each selection – you will see a green check mark to indicate your item was placed in the category.
  2. Click on the 0 next to related – a screen pops up with all your listings – choose the items you want to relate to the posting you are on by clicking on the red “X” in line with the item – you can relate each item to as many other items you want – it will update with each selection – you will see a green check mark to indicate the item was related to other posted items. When a shopper clicks on a particular item it will show all the other items you have related to that item.
  • Be prepared for sales and stock up on envelopes and boxes. The boxes should be available at your local post office. Padded Envelopes MUST be ordered from USPS.com. This service is free and the items will be delivered right to your door. (please see shipping guidelines for more details)
  • Explore other features to expand your market – create and join groups with like minded members, create and share closet previews, schedule and attend your own parties around themes you are interested in. Invite your friends and followers on other social networks to come and “flip” with you. The more the merrier!

Listings will appear on your newsfeeds and the newsfeeds of your followers. They can also be shared to your other social media including Facebook, Twitter, and more. The more followers you have the more your items are seen. Share other members’ listings with your followers; in return they will share your listings with their followers. Attend TykeMart Parties and share with entire the community and your other social networks.

What is a TykeMart Party?

TykeMart Parties are real time themed shopping events where members (like you!) meet up in the TykeMart site to shop, share, and sell clothing and accessories. Attend from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be. TykeMart hosts themed Parties featuring bloggers, boutique owners, and other amazing members across the country. At these TykeMart Parties, you get to shop their closet!

Check out the list of upcoming TykeMart Parties on the “Upcoming Parties” section on your home page. You can add items from your closet to any Party by using the Share button next to your items. When the party is on, it will give you an option to share to that party. You can also share items from other members’ closets to the party. Anyone can view items and shop during the party and also shop past parties.

Better yet, get together with your group and host your own Flipster Party! Create a party around your own theme, i.e. Baby Boy or Girl Shower, Teen-age Social, etc. Buy/shop/sell/share items that interest your group. Invite fellow members and anyone else you want to attend your parties!

I sold something! What now?

Congratulations! When an item is sold you will receive an email telling you that you made a sale. You will be sent a pre-paid mailing label within 24 hours. (see shipping guidelines). Print out that label. Check the label for the envelope or box you must use. You have 7 days to send out the item you sold. Package your item, affix the pre-paid shipping label you printed out on the correct package type, mail the package. That’s it! We will track the box and will notify you when it has been delivered and the buyer has received the item in the condition it was listed. The buyer has 3 days to “receive” the item. Once it has been received your earnings from that sale will be added to your TykeMart account.

If you can’t find our email please check your Spam folder. Please add us to your contact list so that you may receive email from us shipping@ tykemart.com )

What are the fees for selling on TykeMart?

Our fees are very simple and straightforward. Listing is free on TykeMart. When you make a sale, we will deduct a 20% commission fee from your sale price. This means that you keep 80% of the sale price as your earnings.

Here’s what you get in return: TykeMart will handle the financial transaction for you (including paying all those credit card fees), provide you with a pre-paid pre-addressed shipping label (see shipping guidelines), and will serve as your customer support for your sale. In other words, we provide a simple, end-to-end platform for selling Kids’ and Maternity Fashion.

Once your sale has shipped and has been received by your buyer, the earnings from your sale are deposited into your TykeMart account. You can withdraw your money as cash whenever your account balance has a minimum of $25. Email Cashout@ tykemart.com You can also use your earnings to shop on TykeMart

Example: You list a $20 dress on TykeMart. When the buyer receives it, $16 will be deposited into your TykeMart account. Once your TykeMart account has a minimum of $25 you can withdraw your earnings.

Unlike other places, there is no nickel and diming - this means, no credit card fees, no fees to withdraw money as cash, and no shipping fees as a seller (see shipping guidelines). Simple, upfront and easy!

Can I use my credits and balance to purchase on TykeMart?

Yes! At checkout available earnings will be deducted from the total cost of your purchase, you pay only the difference.

How do I collect my earnings?

You can withdraw your earnings from TykeMart whenever your account has accumulated a minimum $25.

Here’s how it works:

When you make a sale on TykeMart, your earnings will be deposited into your TykeMart account. These earnings will be pending until you ship the item and your buyer receives the order. Once the transaction is completed, your earnings will be in your TykeMart account ready to be cashed out as soon as your account has a minimum balance of $25.

The fastest and easiest way to withdraw your earnings from your TykeMart account is to use direct deposit to transfer funds directly into your bank account. Alternatively, we can send you a check for your earnings. To make a withdrawal email Cashout@ tykemart.com. Tell us how you want to receive your money, how much you want to withdraw, the correct email, Payee and mailing address (if you are requesting a check).

To request an ACH Transfer you MUST have a receiving account with Intuit Payment Network. To sign up go to ipn.intuit.com – It’s easy, it’s free! You must email us the correct email address you have registered with IPN.

For your protection Cash Outs will only be sent to the email or address we have on file. Double check and update the email and address information in your profile BEFORE you send a Cash Out Request. Notify us immediately if you have made a mistake cashout@ tykemart.com. Put MISTAKE on the subject line.

What should I do if someone asks me to take a transaction offline?

Encouraging TykeMart community members to buy outside of TykeMart either through Paypal or other means is not allowed. Taking transactions offline is harmful and hurts everyone who plays by the rules. It also prevents us from providing a great experience for everyone. If you are approached to take a transaction offline, please contact us immediately admin@ tykemart.com. See our terms of use agreement.

How do I “bundle”?

If a buyer wants to buy multiple items from your closet you can negotiate a “bundle” with them. Once you agree on a bundle you must create a new listing, you can call it “Bundled for (buyer’s name)”. This new listing should include pictures of what is included in the bundle, the items should be listed in the description section so you know what you’re selling and the buyer knows what she’s getting. Price the bundle for the price you agreed on. Remember to keep the packaging dimensions in mind when making your bundle, items must fit in the USPS package types we use.

You can use the “bundle” button in your closet. Just click on the items you want to include in the bundle – it will even add the prices for you, you can always adjust the price. Name the bundle and click save – a new listing for that bundle will be created and posted for your buyers to purchase.

*Seller Tips

  • Be ready for sales! Order padded envelopes, medium flat rate boxes, and regional rate boxes A&B from USPS.com! It’s totally free and delivered to your door. Just be sure to order the correct envelopes and boxes, they must say FLAT RATE or REGIONAL RATE, see shipping guidelines for correct package types.
  • Take advantage of USPS free pick-up service. Go to USPS.com to schedule pick-up. You don’t even need to leave home to make money!
  • Stuff those envelopes and boxes! Bundles make everyone happy!
  • The bigger the bundle (as long as it fits in the envelope or box) the cheaper the shipping will be per piece!

TykeMart reserves the right to make changes or amend these guidelines at anytime without notice.

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